Gwangju, Korea

- Location : Southwestern Part of Korea
- Area : 501.25km2
- Population : 1.47 million
- Industrial Structure : Service Industry 69.8%
- Manufacturing Industry 23.2%, Other Industry 7%
- GRDP : 22.05 billion USA
- Import : 5.55 billion annually
- Export : 11.58 billion anuually
Gwangju, is derived from Gwang(광, Chinese Character 光) meaning ‘light’ and Ju(주, Chinese Character 州) meaning ‘province’ thus making Gwangju(officially Known as Gwangju Metropolitan City) the Province or City of Light. And Sixth largest city in South Korea.
Gwangju is home of great food that represents traditional Korean cuisine. Also Gwangju is well-known with its various international cultural events.

Especially, the Gwangju Biennale and the Gwangju Design Biennale attract both local and international audiences. You will be mesmerized by the taste and beauty of Gwangju, Korea.