Scientific Program


The 10th Congress of Asia Pacific Knee Society

combined with The Autumn Congress of Korean Knee Society

November 8 (Thu) - 10 (Sat), 2018

Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea

November 8 (Thu) Hall A
November 8 (Thu) Hall A
08:30-08:40Opening Ceremony : Introduction of APKS2018Eun Kyoo Song (Chairman of APKS2018)
08:40-08:50Welcome SpeechTomoyuki Saito (President of APKS)
TKA 1 : Basic and Ligament BalanceJu O Kim (Korea), Philippe Noel Neyret (France)
09:00-09:10How to make perfect bony cutKen Okazaki (Japan)
09:10-09:20How to make perfect tibial rotation (Role of tibial rotation)Aree Tanavalee (Thailand)
09:20-09:30How to make perfect femoral rotationNicolaas Cyrillus Budhiparama (Indonesia)
09:30-09:40Gap balancing in PS TKAHirotsugu Muratsu (Japan)
09:40-09:50CR vs. PS TKASeung Baik Kang (Korea)
Free Paper 1 : TKA 1Soo Jae Yim (Korea), Pornpavit Sriphirom (Thailand)
10:00-10:05FTA001 Slight under-correction following TKA for a valgus kneeSung Sahn Lee (Korea)
10:05-10:10FTA002 Sagittal reference for tibial component in TKAHee June Kim (Korea)
10:10-10:15FTA003 How to accurately locate the adductor tubercle during surgery in TKAChia Ming Chang (Taiwan)
10:15-10:20FTA004 Comparisons of gait mechanics between mid-vastus and lateral parapatellar approaches in TKAHwa Chang Liu (Taiwan)
10:20-10:25FTA005 Comparison of gait analysis between mechanical align and kinematic align in CAS TKAPorntham Choosakde (Thailand)
10:25-10:30FTA006 Kinematically aligned TKA reproduces more native patellofemoral biomechanicsIn Jun Koh (Korea)
10:30-10:35FTA007 Comparison between two systems to improve further flexion in TKAJong Keun Kim (Korea)
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
Plenary Lecture 1 : TKAHee Soo Kyung (Korea), Hwa Chang Liu (Taiwan)
11:10-11:30Current concept in primary TKAPhilippe Noel Neyret (France)
Live Surgery 1 : Sensor Based TKATomoyuki Saito (Japan), Robert Wen Wei Hsu (Taiwan)
11:30-12:30Myung Chul Lee (Korea)
Luncheon SymposiumJu Hong Lee (Korea)
12:30-13:30Invossa-K; A novel intra articular injection gene modified cell therapySeok Jung Kim (Korea)
TKA 2 : Which Alignment is the Best?Kyung Taek Kim (Korea), Ken Okazaki (Japan)
13:30-13:40Patellofemoral contact stress in mechanical alignment TKATokifumi Majima (Japan)
13:40-13:50Rationale of new alignment techniquesGeorg Matziolis (Germany)
13:50-14:00Mechanical or kinematic alignment : Could be a better wayYong In (Korea)
14:00-14:10Surgical planning and technique for kinematic alignmentYong Seuk Lee (Korea)
14:10-14:20Kinematically aligned total knee arthroplasty : Early results in ChineseChun Hoi Yan (Hong Kong)
Keynote Lecture 1Seung Suk Seo (Korea), Tokifumi Majima (Japan)
14:30-14:50My perspective in TKA : Past, present & futureDae Kyung Bae (Korea)
Free Paper 2 : TKA 2Seung Joon Rhee (Korea), Aree Tanavalee (Thailand)
14:50-14:55FTA008 Comparison of using trabecular metal cones and femoral head allografts for large bone defect in revision TKAKeun Churl Chun (Korea)
14:55-15:00FTA009 The reliability of intraoperative frozen biopsy for identifying active infection during revision TKADong Hui Kim (Korea)
15:00-15:05FTA010 Comparison of quadriceps snip and tibial tubercle osteotomy in revision for infected TKAAbhishek Patil (India)
15:05-15:10FTA011 Optimal dose and safety of topical tranexamic acid in decreasing blood loss after TKAOh Hyo Kwon (Korea)
15:10-15:15FTA012 Does the penetration of cement under tibial tray in primary TKA differ between using and not using tourniquet?Porkit Boonkong (Thailand)
15:15-15:20FTA013 The combined use of intravenous and oral tranexamic acid in TKAJoung Youp Shin (Korea)
15:20-15:25FTA014 Periprosthetic bone mineral density change after TKA (Titanium alloy vs. Cobalt-chromium)Woo Cheol Shin (Korea)
15:25-15:30FTA015 Cemented stem technique make revision TKA is it easily?  Thakrit Chompoosang (Thailand)
15:30-15:35FTA016 Effect of lateral compartment cartilage lesion on outcome of Medial OWHTOHyun Soo Moon (Korea)
15:50-16:10Coffee Break
Short Talk 1Young Jin Seo (Korea), Frederic Picard (United Kingdom)
16:10-17:00ST001-ST007e-Poster Zone A
Short Talk 2 Jae Hyuk Yang (Korea), Hideo Matsumoto (Japan)
16:10-17:00ST008-ST014e-Poster Zone B
Short Talk 3Chang Wan Kim (Korea), Darren Tay Keng Jin (Singapore)
16:10-17:00ST015-ST021e-Poster Zone C
Short Talk 4Chung Shik Shin (Korea), Fachry Ambia Tandjung (Indonesia)
16:10-17:00ST022-ST028e-Poster Zone D
UKAYoung Kyun Woo (Korea), Chumroonkiet Leelasestaporn (Thailand)
17:00-17:10Indication and preoperative planning for UKAJae Gyoon Kim (Korea)
17:10-17:20Surgical technique of medial UKA (Video)Jae Ang Sim (Korea)
17:20-17:30Outcome comparison : Mobile vs. Fixed UKAKyung Tae Kim (Korea)
17:30-17:40Long-term outcome of medial UKAChoong Hyeok Choi (Korea)
17:40-17:50Extend indication of UKA for complex situationJi Hoon Bae (Korea)
November 8 (Thu) Hall B
November 8 (Thu) Hall B
08:30-08:40Opening Ceremony : Introduction of APKS2018Eun Kyoo Song (Chairman of APKS2018)
08:40-08:50Welcome SpeechTomoyuki Saito (President of APKS)
ACL 1Chong Hyuk Choi (Korea), Shiyi Chen (China)
09:00-09:10Anatomy of ACL : Double bundles and ribbonsRobert Smigielski (Poland)
09:10-09:20My technique for anatomical ACL reconstruction (Video)Kandiah Raveendran (Malaysia)
09:20-09:30My technique for anatomical ACL reconstruction : Transportal tunnel (Video)Yi Sheng Chan (Taiwan)
09:30-09:40Tunnel location in anatomical ACL reconstructionRainer Seibold (Germany)
09:40-09:50Anatomical ACL reconstruction : Surgical tips and pearlsMasataka Deie (Japan)
Free Paper 3 : ACL 1Dae Hee Lee (Korea), Tran Trung Dung (Vietnam)
10:00-10:05FAB001 Application of three-dimensional image analysis to ACL reconstructionShinichi Yoshiya (Japan)
10:05-10:10FAB002 Tibial footprint size of ACL measured on MRI : Is it reliable to predict actual size?Yong Beom Park (Korea)
10:10-10:15FAB003 ACL reconstruction : How about peroneus longus tendon as a graft?Andri Lubis (Indonesia)
10:15-10:20FAB004 Femoral offset guide provides accuracy and reproducibility of femoral tunnel in ACL reconstructionMan Soo Kim (Korea)
10:20-10:25FAB005 8-Year results of single-bundle vs. double-bundle ACL reconstructionEung Joo Kim (Korea)
10:25-10:30FAB006 Meniscus allograft transplantation after ACL reconstructionYoo Beom Kwon (Korea)
10:30-10:35FAB007 Assessment of anterolateral ligament of the knee undergoing ACL reconstruction : Primary vs. RevisionDong Whan Suh (Korea)
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
Meniscus 1Jung Man Kim (Korea), René Verdonk (Belgium)
11:10-11:20Arthroscopic treatment of degenerative meniscal tearShinichi Yoshiya (Japan)
11:20-11:30Meniscal repair : Long-term clinical resultsFranÇois Xavier Gunepin (France)
11:30-11:40Meniscal repair : Suture & fixation deviceYoung Jin Kim (Korea)
11:40-11:50Novel technique of MMPH repairJin Goo Kim (Korea)
11:50-12:00Clinical outcome of MMPH injuryFachry Ambia Tandjung (Indonesia)
Plenary Lecture 2Jin Hwan Ahn (Korea), Churl Hong Chun (Korea)
12:10-12:30Master's technique : Combined ACL + ALL reconstructionBertrand Sonnery Cottet (France)
Luncheon SymposiumJu Hong Lee (Korea)
12:30-13:30Invossa-K; A novel intra articular injection gene modified cell therapySeok Jung Kim (Korea)
ALLKee Byung Lee (Korea), Masataka Deie (Japan)
13:30-13:40Anatomy and biomechanics of ALLJi Hyun Ahn (Korea)
13:40-13:50How to diagnose ALL injuryChong Bum Chang (Korea)
13:50-14:00ALL reconstruction really required for ACL injuryHideo Matsumoto (Japan)
14:00-14:10Concomitant ACL and ALL reconstruction : Sonnery Cottet techniqueBertrand Sonnery Cottet (France)
14:10-14:20Effects of a deficient ACL and ALL on knee joint kinematicsSung Hwan Kim (Korea)
Cartilage & BiomechanicsByoung Hyun Min (Korea), Kandiah Raveendran (Malaysia)
14:30-14:39Cell-and matrix-based MIS single stage chondroregenerationSeok Jung Kim (Korea)
14:39-14:48Cartilage repair using cartistem : Clinical applicationChul Won Ha (Korea)
14:48-14:57Quantitative assessment of early cartilage degeneration using 3D T1rho MRIMunehiro Ogawa (Japan)
14:57-15:06Comprehensive approach for articular cartilage repair with scaffold free engineered cartilageByoung Hyun Min (Korea)
15:06-15:15Importance of subchondral bone support in cartilage restorationThay Q. Lee (USA)
15:15-15:24Functional assessment of endoprosthetic knee reconstruction after bone tumor resectionSung Taek Jung (Korea)
Keynote Lecture 2Jin Goo Kim (Korea), Bertrand Sonnery Cottet (France)
15:30-15:50PCL & PL reconstruction : Current concept and principleYoung Bok Jung (Korea)
15:50-16:10Coffee Break
Short Talk 1Young Jin Seo (Korea), Frederic Picard (United Kingdom)
16:10-17:00ST001-ST007e-Poster Zone A
Short Talk 2Jae Hyuk Yang (Korea), Hideo Matsumoto (Japan)
16:10-17:00ST008-ST014e-Poster Zone B
Short Talk 3Chang Wan Kim (Korea), Darren Tay Keng Jin (Singapore)
16:10-17:00ST015-ST021e-Poster Zone C
Short Talk 4Chung Shik Shin (Korea), Fachry Ambia Tandjung (Indonesia)
16:10-17:00ST022-ST028e-Poster Zone D
Osteotomy 1Jae Hoon Chung (Korea), Takeshi Sawaguchi (Japan)
17:00-17:10Indication & planning of HTOTakenori Akiyama (Japan)
17:10-17:20Surgical technique and results : Medial opening wedge HTOSahng hoon Lee (Korea)
17:20-17:30Surgical technique and results : Lateral closing wedge HTOHyuk Soo Han (Korea)
17:30-17:40Inverted V-shaped HTO for medial knee OAEiji Kondo (Japan)
17:40-17:50How to prevent and manage complication of HTOKang Il Kim (Korea)
November 9 (Fri) Hall A
November 9 (Fri) Hall A
TKA 3 : Special SituationJeung Tak Suh (Korea), Thanainit Chotanaphuti (Thailand)
08:00-08:10TKA in RAAndri Lubis (Indonesia)
08:10-08:20TKA in extreme ligament laxityJoe Mingchou Ku (Taiwan)
08:20-08:30TKA in severe valgusDicky Mulyadi (Indonesia)
08:30-08:40TKA in genu recurvatumPornpavit Sriphirom (Thailand)
08:40-08:50Constrained insert in primary TKASatit Thiengwittayaporn (Thailand)
08:50-09:00Bi-Cruciate retaining TKAJoe Mingchou Ku (Taiwan)
TKA 4 : RevisionYoung Joon Choi (Korea), Dicky Mulyadi (Indonesia)
09:10-09:20Stacked metal augment technique in revision TKAIng Ho Chen (Taiwan)
09:20-09:30Ideal constraint in revision TKAChurl Hong Chun (Korea)
09:30-09:40Stem choice in revision TKAYoung Wan Moon (Korea)
09:40-09:50Management of chronic disruption of the extensor mechanismSebastien Lustig (France)
Free Paper 4 : TKA 3Chul Won Ha (Korea), Ju Hyung Yoo (Korea)
10:00-10:05FTA017 Correction of coronal tibiofemoral subluxation after UKAByoung Hyun Min (Korea)
10:05-10:10FTA018 Anterior knee pain after TKASeung Hyun Jung (Korea)
10:10-10:15FTA019 Clinical outcome and complication in octogenarian TKAJoon Hee Lee (Korea)
10:15-10:20FTA020 Gap pattern in valgus knee : An assessment with navigational TKAPornpavit Sriphirom (Thailand)
10:20-10:25FTA021 Comparison of opertive time efficiency between MAKO and NAVIO TKATomorn Tarnpichprasert (Thailand)
10:25-10:30FTA022 Multiple needle puncturing technique for medial soft tissue balancing in CAS TKA with moderate varus kneeSirisuk Boonruksa (Thailand)
10:30-10:35FTA023 Comparison of rotational alignment and clinical outcome between anatomical and classical tibia cutChaiyaporn Siramanakul (Thailand)
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
Plenary Lecture 3Sang Cheol Seong (Korea), Frederic Picard (United Kingdom)
11:10-11:30Updates of revision TKAYoung Hoo Kim (Korea)
Live Surgery 2 : MAKO UKAHong Cheol Lim (Korea), Sebastien Lustig (France)
11:30-12:30Kwan Kyu Park (Korea)
Luncheon Symposium
12:30-13:30Attune-Proving the PromiseJohn Wright (USA)
UKA : CAS & ComplicationsHwa Jae Jeong (Korea), Parag Kantilal Sancheti (India)
13:30-13:40Robotic assisted UKA : Past & presentChumroonkiet Leelasestaporn (Thailand)
13:40-13:50NAVIO UKAFrederic Picard (United Kingdom)
13:50-14:00MAKO UKADarren Tay Keng Jin (Singapore)
14:00-14:10TKA conversion after failed UKAKi Cheor Bae (Korea)
14:10-14:20Complication and its prevention after UKAMoo Ho Song (Korea)
Keynote Lecture 3Woo Shin Cho (Korea), Myung Chul Lee (Korea)
14:30-14:50How to manage complex deformity in TKASebastien Lustig (France)
Short Talk 5 Eui Sung Choi (Korea), Chyun Yu Yang (Taiwan)
14:50-15:40ST029-ST035e-Poster Zone A
Short Talk 6 In Jun Koh (Korea), Chih Hwa Chen (Taiwan)
14:50-15:40ST036-ST042e-Poster Zone B
Short Talk 7Sun Chul Hwang (Korea), Hirotsugu Muratsu (Japan)
14:50-15:40ST043-ST049e-Poster Zone C
Short Talk 8Sang Hak Lee (Korea), FranÇois Xavier Gunepin (France)
14:50-15:40ST050-ST056e-Poster Zone D
15:40-16:00Coffee Break
TKA 5 : CASKang Il Kim (Korea), Shuichi Matsuda (Japan)
16:00-16:10Robotic arm assisted TKA : MAKO short term experienceWoo Suk Lee (Korea)
16:10-16:20Computer navigation-Is there still a role? Shuichi Matsuda (Japan)
16:20-16:30Role of navigation in complex deformity TKAKang Il Kim (Korea)
16:30-16:40Navigational vs. Conventional TKA : Mid-term resultsRobert Wen Wei Hsu (Taiwan)
16:40-16:50MIS TKA : Computer-assisted vs. ConventionalThanainit Chotanaphuti (Thailand)
TKA 6 : How to Avoid ComplicationJun Dong Chang (Korea), Chong Bum Chang (Korea)
17:00-17:10Ideal blood saving protocolsSang Joon Song (Korea)
17:10-17:20How to avoid stiffness and instability after TKA : Cause and managementChyun Yu Yang (Taiwan)
17:20-17:30Perioperative pain and nausea / vomiting managementDong Hwi Kim (Korea)
17:30-17:40Prevention and diagnosis of PJISi Young Song (Korea)
17:40-17:50DVT prophylaxisLih Wang (Korea)
18:00-18:30Closing CeremonyEun Kyoo Song (Chairman of APKS2018)
November 9 (Fri) Hall B
November 9 (Fri) Hall B
ACL 2Ju Hong Lee (Korea), Rainer Siebold (Germany)
08:00-08:10ACL injuries in femaleJanis Espino De Vera (Philippines)
08:10-08:20ACL reconstruction in VietnamTran Trung Dung (Vietnam)
08:20-08:30Synthetic ACL reconstructionShiyi Chen (China)
08:30-08:40Clinical results of ACL reconstruction with ligament remnant tissue preservationMunehiro Ogawa (Japan)
08:40-08:50Stem cell application in ACL reconstructionJoon Ho Wang (Korea)
Revision ACLBeom Koo Lee (Korea), Robert Smigielski (Poland)
09:00-09:10Analysis of failed ACL surgeryChih Hwa Chen (Taiwan)
09:10-09:20Graft choice in revision ACLHee Soo Kyung (Korea)
09:20-09:30Revision ACL reconstruction : How to solve the problems during surgeryAlpay Merter Ozenci (Turkey)
09:30-09:40One stage & two stage revision ACLKyoung Ho Yoon (Korea)
09:40-09:50Rehabilitation after revision ACL reconstructionJeong Ku Ha (Korea)
Free Paper 5 : MeniscusYoung Wan Moon (Korea), Jung Ro Yoon (Korea)
10:00-10:05FMB001 Meniscus consensus projectRené Verdonk (Belgium)
10:05-10:10FMB002 Meniscal survival rate after ACL reconstructionFranÇois Xavier Gunepin (France)
10:10-10:15FMB003 Medial knee osteoarthritis precedes medial meniscal posterior root tearDhong Won Lee (Korea)
10:15-10:20FMB004 Evaluation of healing after medial meniscal root repair by using second-look arthroscopySung Sahn Lee (Korea)
10:20-10:25FMB005 Ramp lesions of the medial meniscus : Diagnostic and clinical outcomes after posteromedial repairBertrand Sonnery Cottet (France)
10:25-10:30FMB006 Second-look arthroscopic findings after Suture vs. Fast-Fix meniscal repair during ACL reconstructionChang Kyu Kim (Korea)
10:30-10:35FMB007 Delayed rehabilitation after lateral meniscal allograft transplantationDhong Won Lee (Korea)
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
PCL & Other LigamentKwang Won Lee (Korea), Shinichi Yoshiya (Japan)
11:10-11:20Anatomy & diagnosis of PCL injuryHee Gon Park (Korea)
11:20-11:30Treatment principle of PCL & PLRIYoung Jin Seo (Korea)
11:30-11:40Surgical technique : Single bundle PCL reconstruction (Video)Alpay Merter Ozenci (Turkey)
11:40-11:50Surgical technique : PCL reconstruction (Video)Kyoung Ho Yoon (Korea)
11:50-12:00Surgical technique : PCL & PLC reconstruction (Video)Hua Feng (China)
Plenary Lecture 4Hyoung Soo Kim (Korea), FranÇois Xavier Gunepin (France)
12:10-12:30Meniscal repair & presentation : Current concept and principleJin Hwan Ahn (Korea)
Luncheon SymposiumSeung Baik Kang (Korea)
12:30-13:30Paradigm shift to celecoxib in pain management : The balance between efficacy & safety Dae Hee Lee (Korea)
Keynote Lecture 4 Nam Yong Choi (Korea), Hua Feng (China)
13:30-13:50ACL reconstruction in general laxity patientsSung Jae Kim (Korea)
Meniscus 2Kwon Jae Roh (Korea), Yi Sheng Chan (Taiwan)
13:50-14:00Discoid meniscus disease : Analysis and treatmentChih Hwa Chen (Taiwan)
14:00-14:10Surgical treatment of discoid meniscusYoung Mo Kim (Korea)
14:10-14:20Meniscal transplantation : My experience in GermanyRainer Siebold (Germany)
14:20-14:30Meniscal transplantation : State of the artRené Verdonk (Belgium)
14:30-14:40Mid-to-long term outcome of MATJong Min Kim (Korea)
Short Talk 5Eui Sung Choi (Korea), Chyun Yu Yang (Taiwan)
14:50-15:40ST029-ST035e-Poster Zone A
Short Talk 6 In Jun Koh (Korea), Chih Hwa Chen (Taiwan)
14:50-15:40ST036-ST042e-Poster Zone B
Short Talk 7 Sun Chul Hwang (Korea), Hirotsugu Muratsu (Japan)
14:50-15:40ST043-ST049e-Poster Zone C
Short Talk 8 Sang Hak Lee (Korea), FranÇois Xavier Gunepin (France)
14:50-15:40ST050-ST056e-Poster Zone D
15:40-16:00Coffee Break
PF InstabilitySung Do Cho (Korea), Georg Matziolis (Germany)
16:00-16:10Recurrent patellar dislocation:Classification and quantificationHua Feng (China)
16:10-16:20My MPFL reconstruction (Video)Masakazu Ishikawa (Japan)
16:20-16:30Any surgery other than MPFL reconstructionHae Seok Koh (Korea)
16:30-16:40Update of patellofemoral instabilityJae Doo Yoo (Korea)
Osteotomy 2Seong Il Bin (Korea), Ing ho Chen (Taiwan)
16:55-17:05DFO alone or with combined procedureKyung Wook Nah (Korea)
17:05-17:15Risk factors for osteotomy gap healing in medial OWHTOTakeshi Sawaguchi (Japan)
17:15-17:25HTO vs. UKA : Which way to go?Parag Kantilal Sancheti (India)
17:25-17:35Long term results of HTOJong Keun Seon (Korea)
17:35-17:45TKA conversion after failed HTOHan Jun Lee (Korea)
18:00-18:30Closing CeremonyEun Kyoo Song (Chairman of APKS2018)
November 10 (Sat)
November 10 (Sat)
07:00-07:30 Registration
07:30-07:35 Opening AddressSeung Suk Seo (President of Korea Knee Society)
07:35-07:40 Welcome AddressJae Hoon Chung (President of Honam Orthopedic Knee Society)
Special LectureSuk Hyun Cho (Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)
07:40-08:00 The principle and current trend of 'Health insurance Review & Assessment Service' in knee joint diseaseSeung Baik Kang (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
Session 1. Meniscus Root TearJoo Chul Ihn (Uljingun Medical Center), Nam Yong Choi (The Catholic Univ.)
08:00-08:08 Meniscus root tear : When should we choose a conservative treatment?Young Mo Kim (Chungnam Nat. Univ.)
08:08-08:16 Meniscus root tear repair : Lateral vs. Medial meniscusKyung Wook Nha (Inje Univ.)
08:16-08:24 Meniscus root tear repair : Traumatic vs. Degenerative lesionJin Goo Kim (Konkuk Univ.)
08:24-08:34 Discussion
Session 2. CartilageKwon Jae Roh (Ehwa Univ.), Eun Kyoo Song (Chonnam Nat. Univ.)
08:34-08:42Cartilage degeneration in early OA : Is it the whole and the only problem?Sahng Hoon Lee (CM Hospital)
08:42-08:50Microfracture : Does it still have a role and how?Jong Keun Seon (Chonnam Nat. Univ.)
08:50-08:58Cell-based cartilage repair : Where are we now?Chul Won Ha (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
08:58-09:06Combined focal chondral lesion in alignment surgery : How will you manage it?Chong Hyuk Choi (Yonsei Univ.)
Session 3. Panel Discussion #1 : Meniscus Root Tear / CartilageByung Ill Lee (Soonchunhyang Univ), Seong Il Bin (Ulsan Univ.)
09:16-09:46Nam Hong Choi (Eulji Univ.), Jung Ro Yoon (VHS Medical Center)Ki Cheor Bae (Keimyung Univ.), Jong Min Kim (Ulsan Univ.)
09:46-10:06Coffee Break
Session 4. Ligaments (1) ACL & ALLJin Hwan Ahn (Sungkyunkwan Univ.), Kyung Teak Kim (Dong-Eui Medical Center)
10:06-10:14Best tunnel position & fixation technique for ACL reconstructionJoon Ho Wang (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
10:14-10:22ACL injury combined with osseous malalignmentHae Seok Koh (The Catholic Univ.)
10:22-10:30Anterolateral ligament reconstruction & lateral extra-articular tenodesis : What's the evidence?Chong Bum Chang (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
10:30-10:38Revision ACL reconstruction : What you need to prepare?Kyoung Ho Yoon (Kyung Hee Univ.)
Session 5. Ligaments (2) MCL, PCL, MPFLYoung Bok Jung (Hyundae General Hospital), Beom Koo Lee (Armed Forces Capital Hospital)
10:48-10:56Management of MCL in sports injuryJu Hong Lee (Chonbuk Nat. Univ.)
10:56-11:04Management of MCL in osteotomy and arthroplastyHee Soo Kyung (Kyungpook Nat. Univ.)
11:04-11:12Best tunnel position, graft choice & fixation technique for PCL reconstructionYong Seuk Lee (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
11:12-11:20MPFL reconstruction as an isolated or a combined procedureJae Doo Yoo (Ehwa Univ.)
Session 6. Panel Discussion #2 : LigamentsJung Man Kim (Asan Chungmu Hospital), Churl Hong Chun (Wonkwang Univ.)
11:30-12:00Sun Chul Hwang (Gyeongsang Nat. Univ.), Young Jin Seo (Hallym Univ.)Hyuk Soo Han (Seoul Nat. Univ.), Jae Ang Sim (Gachon Univ.)
Luncheon SymposiumSeung Suk Seo (Bumin Hospital Haeundae)
12:00-13:00Therapeutic benefits of single intra-articular HA injection, SynovianR : What does it solve?Won Chul Choi (CHA Univ.)
Session 7. Osteotomy & UKAYoung Kyun Woo (Sungae Hospital), Jeung Tak Suh (Busan Medical Center)
13:00-13:08Current indications for osteotomy & UKASeung Suk Seo (Bumin Hospital Haeundae)
13:08-13:16Best osteotomy choice for different cases : Open or closed?single-level or double-level?Myung Chul Lee (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
13:16-13:24How can we make a 'Forgotten knee' after fixed-bearing UKAMoo Ho Song (Dong-Eui Medical Center)
13:24-13:32How can we make a 'Forgotten knee' after mobile-bearing UKAYong In (The Catholic Univ.)
13:32-13:40Concomittant patellofemoral arthrosis in HTO or UKA : How will you manage it?Kang Il Kim (Kyung Hee Univ.)
Session 8. Panel Discussion #3 : Osteotomy / UKAHong Chul Lim (Barunsesang Hospital), Myeong Gu Kim (Inha Univ.)
13:50-14:20Kwang Won Lee (Eulji Univ.), Eui Sung Choi (Chungbuk Nat. Univ.)Sang Jun Song (Kyung Hee Univ.), Woon Hwa Jung (Murup Hospital)
Session 9. Special LectureSang Cheol Seong (Bundang Chuk Hospital), Sung Do Cho (Dongcheon Dongkang Hospital)
14:20-14:50Special lecture (I) : Patellar dislocation-proximal vs.distalHua Feng (Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, China)
15:00-15:30Special lecture (II) : Anterolateral ligament-Anatomy, biomechanics, clinical outcomesBertrand Sonnery Cottet (Centre Orthopedique Santy, France)
15:40-16:00Coffee Break
Session 10. Total Knee ArthroplastyDae Kyung Bae (Seoul Sacred Heart General Hospital), Jai Gon Seo (Linker Hospital)
16:00-16:08Achieving an ideal alignment in TKA : Mechanical vs. KinematicChoong Hyeok Choi (Hanyang Univ.)
16:08-16:16Techniques for ideal soft tissue balancingYoung Wan Moon (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
16:16-16:24Is there a gold standard for rotational alignment in TKA?Hwa Jae Jeong (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
16:24-16:32TKA with extra-articular deformity : Corrective strategiesSeung Baik Kang (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
Session 11. Revision / Complicated Total Knee ArthroplastyKee Byoung Lee (Cheongju St.Mari's Hospital)
16:42-16:50Diagnosis of prosthetic knee joint infection : What is the best diagnostic marker?Woo Suk Lee (Yonsei Univ.)
16:50-16:58Two stage exchange for infected TKA : When is the safe timing for reimplantation?Han Jun Lee (Chung-Ang Univ.)
16:58-17:06Conversion of HTO, UKA to TKA : Is it as good as a primary result?Ju Hyung Yoo (Ilsan Hospital)
17:06-17:14Dealing the troublesome problems : Joint line restoration and bone defectYoung Joon Choi (Ulsan Univ.)
Session 12. Panel Discussion #4 : Primary / Revision TKAYoung Hoo Kim (Seonam Hospital), Woo Shin Cho (Seoul Star Hospital)
17:24-17:54Hyoung Soo Kim (Hanyang Univ.), Dong Chul Lee (Bogang Hospital)Kye Young Han (Kangwon Nat. Univ.), Kwang Jun Oh (Sungmin Hospital)
17:54-18:00Closing remark & AdjournSeung Suk Seo (President of Korea Knee Society)