Short Talk


The 10th Congress of Asia Pacific Knee Society
combined with The Autumn Congress of Korean Knee Society

November 8 (Thu) - 10 (Sat), 2018

Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea

List of Short Talk (November 8, 16:10-17:00)
List of Short Talk (November 8, 16:10-17:00)
Short Talk 1 _ e-Poster Zone AYoung Jin Seo (Korea), Frederic Picard (United Kingdom)
ST001Clinical outcome of medial OWHTO using a novel fixation systemEiji Kondo (Japan)
ST002Kinematic analysis of knee joint using biplane fluoroscopy in medial OWHTOHyo Jong Nam (Korea)
ST003Preoperative subchondral bone marrow lesion is associated with inferior outcomes after medial OWHTOMan Soo Kim (Korea)
ST004Clinical outcomes of staged medial OWHTO in bilateral varus gonarthrosisSaint-Pée Kim (Korea)
ST005Safe osteotomy technique to prevent popliteal artery injury during OWHTORupesh Kumar Vaidya (Nepal)
ST006Optimal timing for plate removal after OWHTOKenichi Goshima (Japan)
ST007Predictive factors for patellofemoral degenerative progression after OWHTOSung Sahn Lee (Korea)
Short Talk 2 _ e-Poster Zone BJae Hyuk Yang (Korea), Hideo Matsumoto (Japan)
ST008Second-look of the cartilage regeneration after HTO with UCB-MSCKwang Jin Lee (Korea)
ST009Second-look arthroscopy following double level osteotomy in severe varus deformityHiroshi Nakayama (Japan)
ST010Change in limb length after high tibial osteotomy using computer-assisted surgeryCheol Hee Park (Korea)
ST011Does lateral closing wedge high tibial osteotomy increase varus instability?Jae Young Park (Korea)
ST012Hinge fracture in medial closing wedge distal femoral osteotomyKenji Fujita (Japan)
ST013Extraarticular lateral hinge fracture does not affect the outcomes in medial OWTHO using a locked plate systemGi Beom Kim (Korea)
ST014Comparison of minimally invasive harvest techniques for synovial mesenchymal stem cells during knee arthroscopyDo Young Park (Korea)
Short Talk 3 _ e-Poster Zone CChang Wan Kim (Korea), Darren Tay Keng Jin (Singapore)
ST015Robotic vs. Conventional primary TKA : Long term follow-up studyKyu Jin Cho (Korea)
ST016Effect of anteromedial portal entrance drilling angle during ACL reconstructionSun Chul Hwang (Korea)
ST017The relationship of the lateral structures to the outlet of the femoral tunnel in ACL reconstruction using transportal technique regarding knee flexion angleKwang Ho Chung (Korea)
ST018Positioning of anterior bone plug in medial meniscus transplantation after ACL reconstructionEung Joo Kim (Korea)
ST019Open reduction and internal fixation of PCL avulsion fractures from the tibiaYoshiaki Hiranaka (Japan)
ST020Mount Kinabalu sign : New arthroscopic sign of intact ACLK.Nazirul (Malaysia)
ST021Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction with outside-in method using hamstring autograftYoon Seok Kim (Korea)
Short Talk 4 _ e-Poster Zone DChung Shik Shin (Korea), Fachry Ambia Tandjung (Indonesia)
ST022Influence of anterolateral ligament injuries on stability and second-look arthroscopic findingsHee Gon Park (Korea)
ST023Is confirmation of femoral button seating under direct visualization during ACL reconstruction beneficial?Su Een Sohn (Korea)
ST024Cartilage regeneration using autologous minced cartilage fragmentMasakazu Ishikawa (Japan)
ST025Clinical outcomes and survival rate of ACI with and without MAT : Long term follow-up studyYoo Beom Kwon (Korea)
ST026The effects of a deficient anterolateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligament on knee joint kinematicsHyun Soo Moon (Korea)
ST027Arthroscopic repair of isolated lateral meniscal tears using a fibrin clotRyo Kanto (Japan)
ST028Characteristics of knees with an anteromedial meniscofemoral ligamentYong Bum Joo (Korea)
List of Short Talk (November 9, 14:50-15:40)
List of Short Talk (November 9, 14:50-15:40)
Short Talk 5 _ e-Poster Zone AEui Sung Choi (Korea), Chyun Yu Yang (Taiwan)
ST029MRI is helpful in surgical decision making process of medial knee OAByung Min Kang (Korea)
ST030Long-term outcome of arthroscopic treatment of PVNSKwang Yun Song (Korea)
ST031Arthroscopy and microfracture : Does it really work?Kandiah Raveendran (Malaysia)
ST032Intra-articular injection of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the kneeSang Woo Jeon (Korea)
ST033Local infiltration of analgesia and tranexamic acid : Safely optimises blood loss in knee arthroplastyTan Peilin Cheryl Marise (Singapore)
ST034Prediction of hamstring autograft size for ACL reconstruction based on anthropomorphic measurementsArjun Lamichhane (Nepal)
ST035Outcomes of TKA using new high-flexion mobile prosthesis : Minimum 3 year follow-up resultHo Kwang Ryu (Korea)
Short Talk 6 _ e-Poster Zone BIn Jun Koh(Korea), Chih Hwa Chen (Taiwan)
ST036Effectiveness of pain control of ultrasound-guide nerve block in TKAYong Bum Joo (Korea)
ST037Reconstruction of patellar tendon rupture in patients with revision TKASung Do Cho (Korea)
ST038ACL single bundle 3D simulation studyHyun Soo Moon (Korea)
ST039Mid-term clinical and radiological results do not differ between fixed - and mobile-bearing TKACheol Hee Park (Korea)
ST040Clinical feature of the ‘windswept knee injury’Jae Ang Sim (Korea)
ST041Influence of knee flexion angle and transverse drill angleChan Myoung Woo (Korea)
ST042Optimizing patients for ACL Surgery as day care procedureArun Kariyal Parthasarathy (Qatar)
Short Talk 7 _ e-Poster Zone CSun Chul Hwang (Korea), Hirotsugu Muratsu (Japan)
ST043Ethnic variation of posterior slope in unicompartmental osteoarthritisNorawee Wainipitapong (Thailand)
ST044Treatment of discoid meniscus with arthroscopyJing Ri Jin (China)
ST045Consistency of patient satisfaction in knee society score to other patients-reported outcome measuresShotaro Tachibana (Japan)
ST046Success rate of open debridement and prosthesis retention in acute prosthetic joint infection of the kneeJang Yun Lee (Korea)
ST047Influence of posterior tibial slope on the clinical outcome in posterior - stabilized total knee arthroplastyHirotsugu Muratsu (Japan)
ST048New and reliable classification of discoid lateral meniscus tear in magnetic resonance imaging?Eui Yub Jung (Korea)
ST049The peri-meniscal capsule is a segregated structure with distinct morphologic and biomechanical characteristicsXiang Yun Yin (China)
Short Talk 8 _ e-Poster Zone DSang Hak Lee (Korea), FranÇois Xavier Gunepin (France)
ST050Comparing stability and clinical outcomes of TKA using Gradius vs. Multi-radius designWon Gyun Lee (Korea)
ST051Quantitative assessment of pivot shift test using smartphoneMin Ku Song (Korea)
ST052Influence of aging on sequential change in ambulatory function after TKA in the elderly populationKemmei Ikuta (Japan)
ST053Cartilage regeneration after microfracture with of without augmentation in Medial unicompartmental OAWon Gyun Lee (Korea)
ST054Survival analysis of open wedge HTO for medial unicompartmental OAHyeon Wook Ahn (Korea)
ST055Indian anthropometric knee : 3D-CT study with comparison of other ethinic groups and current TKA implantsDeepesh Daultani (India)
ST056Diagnostic value of patella-patellar tendon angle in diseases causing anterior knee painYong Bum Joo (Korea)